About us

The company offers maintenance and service for trucks and trailers as well as vehicles, Eg vans used in the public road transport area. The service workshop   is located directly in the port of Lübeck, Skandinavienkai, and is operated by its service cars in the Lübeck region and Lübeck harbor sections for quick repairs on trucks and trailers.

Your logistics partner

  • Maintenance and repair of all brands of trucks and trailers
  • Workshop directly in the port
  • Effective use of waiting times in the port
  • Optimization of driving times by using driver rest periods for services on the vehicle
  • Service partner for port logistics
    • Cargo handling
    • Load securing
  • 24 hour breakdows service


The workshop is easily accessible and located in the port of Luebeck at Skandinavienkai at a very central location where goods are unloaded and reloaded. Usually, waiting times result there that can be used for maintenance and repair work. This procedure reduces standstill times that would otherwise occur on the road or at your depot.

We are partner of

LHG in detail

The Skandic Service is part of modern logistics group of the   Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG). The range includes servicing and maintenance work in the vehicle and equipment sector, value added services for new vehicles and the provision of shunting and traction services with its own locomotives as well as a waggon workshop for repairs by the Nordic Rail Service GmbH (NRS) And revision of freight wagons.

Alongside its core business, port cargo handling, stowage and warehousing, along with its subsidiaries and affiliates LHG as a modern logistics group offers a broad range of services.

European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL), for example, is one of the leading European service providers for the distribution of forest products. In addition, ECL has established itself in the areas of Third Party logistics as well as supply chain management. ECL is also active as an operator of rail hinterland services, largely via the intermodal terminal on Skandinavienkai operated by Baltic Rail Gate GmbH (BRG), and interlinks the three modes of transport: ship, rail and road. This guarantees a highly efficient and environmentally friendly stream of goods flows to and from various destinations all over Europe.

Another LHG Group affiliate is Lübeck Distribution Gesellschaft mbH (LDG). Whenever handling and distribution of loose general cargo, heavy or project cargo are required, LDG is the right provider. Whether steel, crated machinery parts or crates are involved, transhipment of such items from railcars and trucks on to ships is LDG's everyday business.

Lübeck - Germany's largest Baltic Sea port

The Port of Lübeck is the most southwesterly transhipment centre on the Baltic and performs the function of a hub for the transport corridors between Southern, Western and Central Europe and the Baltic economic area. 

LHG's terminals offer up to 80 departures a week to 20 partner ports around the Baltic and therefore guarantee the highest possible delivery reliability. They accordingly contribute decisively to making European cargo flows secure.

Lübeck's strength in that respect consists of its Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) services, or freight in rapid transit, rolling on to and off vessels on trucks or shipping units. Individually tuned logistics systems guarantee customers optimal transport conditions on 365 days per year.  

As its second vital mainstay, the Port of Lübeck offers all the advantages of a logistics centre notable for both quality and expertise. That applies especially to such forest products as paper and cellulose. Lübeck is of immense importance as the largest handling and distribution centre in Europe for the Swedish and Finnish paper industry.